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What is a Garter Launcher?

Our disc jockeys do more than just play great music. We offer helpful tips on how to keep your reception on track and act as a liaison between the photographer, wedding coordinator, catering staff, and any other professionals! How horrible would it be if the DJ were to announce and start the cake cutting while the photographer wasn't even in the room or changing the batteries on their camera? That will never happen with ML Productions.  We also make sure to communicate with both the Bride and the Groom throughout the night to make sure they're ready for the next wedding highlight; Whether it be the cake cutting or the bouquet toss, we give you plenty of notice, so when the time comes you're ready to go. We understand every wedding is different. It's all about YOU, the bride and groom.  After all, this is YOUR day! 

Have you been to a wedding, where the Groom threw the garter and it just landed on the floor 2 feet behind him? How boring! We let our Grooms shoot the garter across the dance floor 40 feet! It's a true hit, especially with the guys.

ML Productions specializes in wedding receptions!!! ML Productions has exclusive, fully trained, experienced wedding DISC JOCKEYS who will emcee all your TRADITIONAL WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS... from the introduction of the new MR. & MRS..., 1st dance, the toast by the best man, cutting of the cake, throwing of the bouquet, to everyone's favorite the garter toss. ML Productions combines appropriate and fun icebreakers with state of the art sound systems, lighting, special effects and of course, a wide variety of music selections..